Takapu Charters

Takapu Charters

Hunting and fishing in one of the worlds most pristine places.

Not only can you enjoy the exciting fishing PARIMAR is renowned for, but you can do so in comfort and with your coffee (or can!) beside you in virtually any sea conditions.

We specialise in 7 day charters from Chalky & Preservation Inlet, fishing for Groper & Blue Cod, Diving for Crayfish, Scallops and Hunting for Red Deer.

The Parimar is equipped with a dive compressor, dive platform, boarding ladder, full size shower, toilet, tenders 5 metre inflatable and 6 metre tinny (both equipped with outboards), fishing rod, reels & tackle, weight belts, dive bottles and full galley facilities. A cook with all meals included. Combine all these features with the opportunity to dive, shoot, or fish Fiordland and have the makings of a “Never to be forgotten wilderness experience”

Come and experience some of the best fishing areas in New Zealand from the comfort of a well equipped vessel.